I've arrived back home after taking a week to attend the Paradise Artist Retreat in New Mexico. The event was fun filled, educational, and inspiring to say the least. I had a great time getting back into figure drawing which I had not done since art school and while I didn't actually finish any paintings, I had some good experiences letting go of those I started.


The week kicked off with some figure drawing and learning how to see, eventually making way to the opening party with familiar faces and good times abound. The following day started out with Jeff Gogue's "Part Time Pirates" which seemed to set the mood for the rest of the week. Musings of letting go, creating what you love, and striving to be you took hold and influenced my decisions for the week. Kara and Tony Moore's seminars were very helpful and inspiring for artists of any medium. Every painting workshop was amazing and I especially enjoyed Nick Baxter's "Sharp Focus Realism in Oil" as I strive to render my own paintings with such detail.


The week closed with the premier of Chet Zar's "I Like To Paint Monsters" and I can honestly say I was truly moved by his message and personal story. It was a great way to end a great retreat. I was also fortunate enough to stay in New Mexico an extra day to do some exploring with my partner in crime. We visited various Pueblo Ruins, went on some hikes, and experienced as much as we could in the time we had left.


Special thanks to the staff, teachers and attendees for making this event what it was and thanks to everyone who purchased a print from me, your support is very appreciated! See ya around!