After 4 years of working with some amazing folks at Off the Map Tattoo I am simultaneously joyous yet sorrowful to announce that as of March 28th I will no longer be tattooing at the Northwest location. This decision does not come easy as I have loved working in that environment for many years. A lot of blood, sweat and tears have been given over my time there but due to circumstances beyond my capacity of influence and ability to positively effect, my heart, mind and spirit are all telling me it's time to move on. I will forever cherish the great times I've had with the residing artists as well as the huge roster of guest artists I've connected with. I will be parting with a level of professionalism and world class aspirations embedded in my character and I am truly grateful and honored to have been given the opportunity to begin my tattoo career with such an amazing company.

I will be finishing up my appointments for March and beginning April 6th I will officially start tattooing at Sweetwater Collective in historic Jacksonville, OR. If you currently have an in progress tattoo and want to schedule with me before leaving Off the Map give the shop a call to book your spot. Otherwise, I am currently booking for April at my new location. You can get in touch with Sweetwater Collective by calling 541-702-2439 or you can email me directly at for more information.


While I will sorely miss working alongside an amazing crew of dedicated and inspirational artists, I'm looking forward to expanding my perspective of tattoo culture and anticipate great new adventures on the horizon. I want to send a sincere thank you to each and every client who has trusted and supported me on this journey thus far, I truly appreciate your loyalty and cooperation and look forward to continuing to work with you.


To stay in contact you can visit my site, connect on Facebook and Instagram, or shoot me an email. Thanks to everyone for your patience and support through this transition. I look forward to the future and hope you will be there to share this grand new adventure with me.