“All we have, it seems to me, is the beauty of art and nature and life, and the love which that beauty inspires.” – Edward Abbey


It is of my opinion and lived experience that art and life are inseparable. So when the opportunity arose to utilize my art for the benefit of Wildlife Images, a local non-profit which offers refuge and rehabilitation to our wild animal neighbors, I couldn’t resist taking part. Being invested in causes which utilize a full spectrum of tactics for the overall objective of earth and animal justice has always resonated deep within my heart. Having over a decade of experience being involved with various individuals and organizations who partake in these necessary pursuits, I know just how fulfilling these activities can be.


On October 4th Off the Map Tattoo – Northwest held the opening event of a month long “Endangered Species” art show displaying various mediums from about 20 different artists from all over the world. We saw everything from literal depictions of endangered plants and animals to further reaching ideas such as paintings of coil tattoo machines, classical cars and mythical creatures who may or may not actually exist.


I submitted two oil paintings for the show. The first being a piece I created in the Summer of 2012 titled, coincidentally, “Endangered Species”. This piece depicts a young boy of the Yanomami, an indigenous people of the Amazon forest, looking off into the distance with a dripping dark background to symbolize the endangerment and bloodshed these people are suffering at the hands of would be profiteers. Indigenous communities and life ways are under constant threat from foreign colonizers looking to turn a profit by decimating the very eco-systems these people need to exist, often by the point of the gun and the backing force of corporate and/or government agencies. With this brutal reality in mind it only seemed fitting to showcase this piece in hopes that it might move others to consider, albeit from a privileged place of distant comfort, the very real consequences our modern industrial lifestyles have on a global scale. This piece is still available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Wildlife Images.


The second piece I submitted was created in early Spring of 2013 and depicts a deceased Honey Bee. Its title is “Precipice” and while Honey Bees are not technically considered endangered by EPA standards it shouldn’t be news to anyone that populations have been declining at a dangerously rapid pace. Theories as to the causes range from the use of pesticides, to colony parasites, to looming climate change and beyond. We may not yet know the exact reasons but one thing is for certain, if bees become extinct a massive die off of many plant and animal species will subsequently occur. Some experts even believe near term human extinction may result from such a catastrophe. I was fortunate enough to sell this piece to a collector who was aware of the impending crisis of this situation and I am honored to have been able to donate a portion of the proceeds to Wildlife Images.


The second phase of this benefit will take place on November 10th at both Off the Map Tattoo locations along with other participating shops across the nation. $50 animal themed tattoos chosen from pre-designed custom flash sheets will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. During this event high quality prints of the pieces displayed during the “Endangered Species” art show will also be available for purchase. The artists and print makers are kindly donating 100% of their time and proceeds to each shops respective charitable organization. More information about this portion of the benefit can be found here.


It is a huge honor to be able to offer my art for the benefit of causes that are dear to me. I want to thank everyone involved in the making of this event for all their diligent efforts and caring hearts. This has inspired me to continue creating pieces which highlight issues I am passionate about and to keep on fighting the good fight.