I have an affinity toward transitions, whether seasonal, bio-regional, personal, political, historical, artistic, ad infinitum. There's just something that stirs inside of me when experiencing, learning or creating these passages in progress. When a static repetition becomes the status quo I can't help but yearn for a little refashioning and variation in the most serene and subtle ways to the most abrupt and violent. To bring fierce movement to a stagnant impasse.


Situationist ideas have been a valuable influence in my approach towards life and art and keeps me in nearly constant transition as I continually push perceived limitations and boundaries. I desire the fundamental reconstruction of everyday life. A life that strays from the passive media spectacle and the instrumental banality of advanced capitalist society. A life achieved through the construction (or destruction) of situations which merge art, everyday life, and revolutionary fervor with intent to revive the values of play over the mere routine of survival in a world gone mad. Every moment a potential encounter with life.


I try to approach tattooing and other creative endeavors with these qualities in mind. To continually reconstruct what I believe a tattoo to be and to challenge the self imposed limitations I've constructed within my own mind. To think about the worth of the tattoo beyond the spectacle of social media platforms and that short lived dopamine fix it accompanies and to instead consider longevity and integrity, a clients lifestyle and future life plans, as well as designing tattoos which match an individual's character and fits their specific body type well.


As Fall transitions into Winter, life in general seems to slow down a bit and I look forward to having some extra time to put into art and tattoo projects, both ongoing and new. To play with new ideas on paper with the intent to bring them to life on skin. To breakdown and unlearn all that has influenced my current ideas of what art and tattoos are to be and to reconstruct new approaches. All with the hope that this will trickle down into other aspects of my life facilitating in the creation of situations containing infinite possibilities.


It's no easy endeavor, unlearning and challenging perceptions and ideologies embedded into my thoughts and actions, but the difficulty of the task at hand is the exact reason to embark on such a journey. To disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. A transition toward life and art as an ecstatic collaboration between creation and destruction. Every encounter a potential moment for revolution.