After having spent a year tattooing alongside Johnny Smith and the crew at Sweetwater Collective in Jacksonville, OR I have decided to dedicate some of 2017 to traveling for both work and play. In doing so I will be parting ways with the crew and company and will be closing my books for the time being. I am booked mostly solid until I leave for the first stretch of my travels in May, but I will be back and will open up some time starting in mid-June of which I will post details once I have some dates and a location set.

It's been a great year working with this crew. I've gained a lot of insight regarding personal motivation, direction, and process. I've shared some fun and memorable times with some great people and made new friends. I've grown my clientele base while maintaining current relations and am as always so very thankful to each and every one of you for your support. It means the world to me! I've grown in many ways as an artist and individual, but this restless heart needs to ramble on.

I'm looking forward to grand new adventures and meeting new people during my travels. I'm also eager to possibly set up some guest spots at some studios around the country to spend some time with fellow tattooer friends in new settings. To learn from others and gain some new inspiration. I'll be posting any travel dates and locations that may be set, so keep an eye out for those. Or who knows…. anything could happen between now and then. Stay tuned for upcoming surprises along the way!

If you have a tattoo in progress and do not already have some time set up with me before May, please get in touch with the shop ASAP at 541-702-2439 and we'll do our best to find an available spot for you. I'm looking forward to returning from my travels with a fresh outlook and some hefty doses of inspiration. And of course, I can't wait to get started on some new tattoos upon my return as well as continuing current projects. See you in June!