Live Without Dead Time
— Situationist International

Nic LeBrun

Born with the imposition of time limited, a life fragile and brief, the recognition that one day expiration will beckon and all that will be left behind is the legacy forged within a life span, artist Nic LeBrun attempts to embody a departure from conventional standards of the status quo.

The intention is to Live Without Dead Time; to actively engage the elements of existence, to embrace and embody a life abundant with the practice of radical play, perpetual adventure, and insurrectionary fervor. With every artistic endeavor, intent is set in motion. With every act of creation, a continuum of re-awakening, re-enchantment, and the revolution of everyday life.

Highly influenced by deep immersions into the natural world along with the philosophical meanderings of a wildly imaginative mental process, an aspiration to reflect the deepest and most honest visions as to what it means to be alive becomes his motive to create. Expressions of what it means to struggle through passion and through pain, in attempt to convey with the utmost intention of sincerity the emotions rising from the depths of a burning heart, this becomes his approach toward art, toward life.

Through a varying choice of media, this exploration exists to reveal and challenge segments of life's experience; the perceptions, thought patterns, emotions, and deeds which at least in part make up the whole of one subtle and delicate existence. Meandering, evolving, forever unsated, this becomes his journey.

With a strong affinity to the craft of tattooing, Nic looks forward to collaborating with clients in the creation of unique and inspired designs intended to complement and accentuate the natural ebb and flow of the body. Equipped with an unyielding eagerness to learn, every tattoo becomes a catalyst to create the impossible, defy boundaries, and explore new frontiers.